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What is the Mustang Club?
The Mustang Club provides the opportunity for supporters of SMU Athletics to show their commitment and invest in SMU's 17 intercollegiate athletic programs. The primary objective of the Mustang Club is to provide the necessary resources so that each of our student-athletes may have a "world-class" academic and athletic experience at SMU. As of 2018, the Mustang Club encompasses all areas of Athletics giving, from capital projects to endowments. The operational fund that provides support for team travel, recruiting, equipment, academic support, and other expenses is now known as the Mustang Athletic Fund.

Why support the Mustang Club?
- A strong conviction about scholarship and program support for SMU student-athletes.

- An appreciation for the University and its image on both the local and national level.

- An investment. A donation to the Mustang Club is an investment not only in the university, but in the development of our next generation of talented leaders. It is an “investment with impact” in both SMU and Mustang Athletics.

- Fun. A donation to the Mustang Club allows not only fellowship and social engagement opportunities, but also great fulfillment in knowing you have helped SMU Athletics achieve the top levels of success in all areas.

- Benefits. With the impact of your philanthropic spirit as a guiding reason to support the Mustang Club, there are also tangible benefits associated with your donation. Additionally, many donation levels come with a tax benefit (consult your tax advisor for specific details).

- Enhanced Program Operations . In today’s competitive intercollegiate athletic environment, resources are precious and acquisition is competitive. Mustang Athletic Fund gifts are invested directly back into our 17 sports programs, providing our coaches an edge in improving the competitive environment of their program – whether it is enhanced recruiting efforts, increased operational dollars for team travel and equipment, or other identified program needs.

In order to keep pace with other institutions we compete with for elite status, the need to maintain, upgrade, and/or expand our athletic footprint is crucial. There are always unbudgeted and unanticipated expenses associated with providing our student-athletes the best competitive experience possible. Without Mustang Athletic Fund donations, these opportunities are not possible.

Why are contributions needed?
As a private university, SMU’s Athletic Department does not receive aid from the state government. The funds generated by sponsorships, gate receipts, game guarantees, and private donations are vital to sustaining a successful Athletics program supporting our 424 student-athletes. As a Mustang Club donor, you play an important role in providing our student-athletes in all 17 intercollegiate sports with the necessary resources to succeed both on and off the field of competition.

What are the benefits of donating to the MUSTANG CLUB?
In addition to the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of SMU student-athletes, there are tangible benefits, depending on level that Mustang Club members receive on an annual basis. Such benefits include: ability to purchase reserved parking, home and away football ticket priorities, and Mustang Club hospitality.

Can I use a corporate matching gift to increase my contribution?
Yes, matching gifts are encouraged by the Mustang Club and allows for an increase in your contribution. Please see your employer’s Human Resources office to ensure they will match to the Mustang Club. Please present all pertinent paper work to the Mustang Club office.

How are away game, bowl, and post-season tickets assigned?
Tickets for away games, and bowl games or post season tournaments, including conference tournaments, are allocated by the Mustang Club and SMU Ticket Office according to current giving level and Priority Point rank within each giving level. For more information regarding priority points and giving levels, visit the Donor Benefits page.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Southern Methodist University (SMU) is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Under the recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, season ticket holders may no longer take a tax deduction for donations made for the right to purchase tickets for seating at collegiate athletic events. Donations that are not made to fulfill a seating requirement are still eligible for a tax deduction.

The SMU Mustang Club advises all donors and season ticket holders to consult their tax advisor to determine the amount of contribution that may be deductible for federal tax returns. Information provided by the SMU Mustang Club regarding charitable gifts is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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2018 Donor Guide
SMU's message of "World Changers Shaped Here" has been adopted by the Department of Athletics, and by you, the donor.

With your gift, the Mustang Club provides the resources to help our student-athletes reach their academic and athletic potential. Thanks to your generosity we are Shaping Champions.


Priority Points Calculator
Would you like to know where you stand among current Mustang Club donors? The Mustang Club is excited to launch our new Priority Calculator which allows our donors to see how their gifts directly impact their donor ranking!

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Mustang Club and Mustang Excellence Fund donations provide SMU Athletics with the tools to support 17 Division I sports programs and talented Mustang student-athletes aspiring to be nationally competitive in their academic and athletic endeavors.

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